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Kompamid was founded in 2000 at the boundary between XX and XXI centures. Although it is still young, Kompamid already has one of the most famous brands in the market of engineering plastics. Now Kompamid is in the top 10 suppliers of engineering plastics forcing some of previous leaders far down. It is one of the most progressing companies in well developing market. Kompamid’s success is not matter of luck. It is result of company strategy and managerial policy. Your any project will be successful, if Kompamid is your partner. Partnership with Kopmaid will be Basis of your Business

Partnership. Basis of Kompamid’s work is specific relations between business partners. These relations are far from simple formula “seller-buyer”. Our customers have an opportunity to take advantages of discount and long-term credit. Long-term co-operation with Kompamid helps our customers to vanish negative effect of price instability
Consistency. One of our main principles is combination of development and conservatism. Our customers are sure that appearance of new suppliers will not touch existing delivery schemes. Once material is selected, there will not be problem in its delivery.  
Flexibility. One of our key principles is quick and adequate response to any customer requirement. Our experts can provide you with technical support including installation of equipment and consultations at customer plant. Our logistic department arranges the quickest and most convenient route of material delivery. These are only two of many services we normally provide our customers with.
FriendshipNone of innovations or good principles can work without friendly and respectable relations between staffs of partner companies. If you work with Kompamid, you shall find reliable team of kindhearted and bright people ready to solve all problems in friendly atmosphere.
Nomenclature Kompamid gradually extends its nomenclature. Broad nomenclature makes possible to find economically pleasant material with properties which meet  customer requirements
Polymeric materials:
  •       ABS Plastic
  •        SAN plastic
  •        Polyacetal (POM)
  •        Polycarbonate
  •        PC/ABS alloy
  •        Polymethyl methacrylate
  •        Polyamide 6
  •        Polyamide 66
  •        Polyamide 610
  •        Polypropylene
  •        General purpose polystyrene
  •        High impact polystyrene
  •        Expandable polystyrene
  •        Polybutylene terephtalate
  •        Polyphenylene sulphide
  •        Thermoplastic elastomers
  •        Thermoplastic polyurethanes
Innovations. The main work of our technical experts is development of new grades with specific properties to meet requirements of our customers and their designers. Close co-operation with research and development divisions of our partners helps to realise projects with high market effect.
Technical support. Technical support of customer is an absolute priority of Kompamid. We provide it at all stages, from material selection to its application in final product. Quality control of our materials is made laboratories of manufacturer and domestic laboratories duly certified

Co-operation. To meet customer need in high quality polymeric materials, we extend number of partners, producers of plastic resins and engineering plastics. Products of many manufactures become famous in the Russian market due to distribution activity of Kompamid

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